Monday, November 15, 2010


Cats are a special kind of people, as we who love
them know, though it's not their fur, or their throbbing
purr, or the whiskers along side their nose. It's not
their tail, though they talk with that, it's just
something, somehow about being a cat.

It's hard to explain, I don't think you can, just give
the love they crave, no need to understand, how, be they
kitten or cat, they make our house a home. 
What a wonderful gift,
from the Lord above, when he sends a cat to our door.

 That's me & my BELOVED CAT (BABY SHIRO) !
SHIRO is her name..
smtimes i cll her ARO, BABY, PUTERI n many more, hehe..
the 1 that i love the most !
SHIRO is 6years old..
n ofcoz she beautiful ,spoiled  n cute..
I will do anything 4 this cat ok !
anything to make her happy, healthy n many more..

My gorgeous, playful little precious pet,
You're the most brilliant friend for me,
There's no way I could live without you, pet,
The love between us, a blind man could see.
My cute pet, you're so cuddly and sweet,
When I am feeling down, you cheer me up,
You're the best pet anyone could meet,
At keeping me happy, you never fail.
My sweet gorgeous pet, Shiro, Ciding, Tommy, Bobo,
Edwardo, Ella, Beijing, Eliot, Coco, Cakim,
Bulma, Jaguar Paw, Ozil, Lola is your name,
Without you, my life wouldn't be the same.

And never forget my cat who died n missing they name 
is Manja, Comel, Snowball, Apek, Mila, Atok,
Goku, Picollo, Chihci, Bezeta, Simba, 
MJ (gemuk), Optimus Prime, Phia, Uyun, J-lo & many more.. 
Even they're gone..
i still miss them so much & they are always in my heart until i died..

wanna know my others cat ?
i will post next tyme k..
tired already..
my pillow is calling for me to go to sleep, hehe..
 take care & tata :)