Monday, June 6, 2011


Dear kakshidah

I Have a poem 4 you..

Happy birthday big sister of mine
Thank you for being there and always being kind

Thank you, for all the times you helped me get through the tough
When scene got nasty and we all got rough

When the love in our family got thinner and faded
You were there when it all got complicated

Even when we were not in arms
I know we are still in each others hearts

You looked after me and kept me safe
And I thank you for that still to this day

Do you remember when we used to laugh?
And fight because we had to share the bath

Or when it became bed time
And we laughed till we cried

We talked about everything when got to the age
And you got me through it stage by stage

But the day has now come
The day when you turn big 28 also a cute mama to a beautiful n cute son u have,im so happy for you..

You have the world at your feet
And that special someone (ABG FADZIL)the perfect husband for you

I give to you today
Something no one can take away

A piece of my heart
The was not hard to take apart
Because you mean so much to me

Live your life to the fullest extent
Live it up at every event

And know that I am always here
What ever you need
I will help you with anything indeed

I love you so much KAK SHIDA !
Happy 28 birthday sis
And I end this letter with a kiss